Friday, January 23, 2009


I love that the weather the past two days has been almost in the eighties.:) Yahoo!! I don't like cold. It hurts the bones.:) We have buds on our trees. Can we say Spring is around the corner? I do hope so.:) What an awesome thought.
This year I will be doing my first garden and really excited about it. I have a compost pile going that I am working on. I hope it will be ready. When dh gets home for his R&R he said he will help get the gardens up and going. I am going to be doing a square foot garden with veggies, herbs and flowers. Then I want to get some fruit trees and bushes. Hopefully I won't kill them all being my first time and all.:) Also when dh is home he wants to get the fence replaced. I am surprised that our winds haven't blown it down yet. All I can say is that that is the hand of God.:) He knew we didn't have the money to replace it.:) Now we have a little bit of exta cash that we can do this.:) Thank you Lord. Just another blessing from Him.:)
Well the kids are all laying around me wanting to watch Leave it to Beaver.:) We love this show. If anyone has any old shows that they can recommend please do so.:) We are almost done with all the seasons of Leave it To Beaver.:( We also like Father knows best and we are almost done with that too.:) Well off to watch a show together. Have a great night.:)


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