Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden time

Hey I didn't realize how long its been since I last posted.:) My cherry tomato plant is covered in tomatoes.:) yahoo. I picked two off that were red and ate them instead of taking a picture for my dh. LOL My other tomato plants are doing great to. I also have two jalapeno peppers . I ended up taking black plastic and putting it around the fence of my garden. I am hoping that will kill the weeds. I have the type of grass that grows like a vine so it was growing through through the fence and planting itself into the garden. Not fun to pull out.:) I want to kill the weeds and grass around the fence and then plant some sun flower seeds there. I am also having a huge problem with ants. So I am trying some sugar and borax to see if that gets rid of them. I hope so. I hate using chemicals. So I have been trying to research for some natural ways of getting rid of bugs. So that's it for the garden.:)

The greatest news is Dh will be home in about 3 weeks for his next R &R. Yahoo. I have been busy trying to clean the carpets and get things cleaned up for him.:) I love him and miss him tons.:( Well I am off for a night off.:)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Garden pictures

After rain last week my garden really grew.:) I am so excited I have tomatoes now.:) I may become over run with them.:) Can't wait to start can them.:) I think I am going to try DE for the pest that I am getting. I had to take out my cucumber plants. There was a weird bug on them and I wasn't sure if they would go to the other plants.
This is my cilantro plant and English thyme in the background.
This is the squash and zuchini with the pepper plants.:)

My first tomato.:) YAHOOO!! There are more on there to. When should I pick? When they get bigger? HMMMM.

This is more tomato plants. I definitly think I overcrowed. I have no idea how to measure LOL. Math was never my strong point in school. Dh isn't here to help. Though the exciting news is dh will be home again sometime in July for another RandR. :) Yahoo. I can''t wait. Today I got a kirby (only 60.00 dollars) . Dh said I could get it is my mother's day gift.
I hope all ya'll moms have a wonderful Mother's day.:)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is so cool I won something.:) If you go to this link you can see what I won.:) You can also win if you join the weekly garden updates. This is my first year gardening.:) To those who left comments thanks for the encouragement and suggestions.:) You can aslo sign up for yourself.

I haven't had to water this week because we have had tons of rain to the point where in some parts of Tx we are getting floods. We are suppose to get storms today which will mean more water for the garden. I have ants and bugs on the back of my pepper plants. So when the rain stops I will get out there and get it taken care of. I researched online and found that you can put some borax in little lids and ants are attracted to it and will carry it back their home and kill them off. Not sure so I am going to give it a try. My fruit plants aren't doing the greatest. Everything looks so green and is getting bigger. I will get out and get more pictures later.:)

Go to the site if you have a garden and sign up. This is fun and my children have been helping me with the watering and pulling out weeds. I still got weeds even though I put down that black stuff for weeds.:( Well ya'll have a great week I will post pictures later.:)