Friday, May 22, 2009

Garden time

Hey I didn't realize how long its been since I last posted.:) My cherry tomato plant is covered in tomatoes.:) yahoo. I picked two off that were red and ate them instead of taking a picture for my dh. LOL My other tomato plants are doing great to. I also have two jalapeno peppers . I ended up taking black plastic and putting it around the fence of my garden. I am hoping that will kill the weeds. I have the type of grass that grows like a vine so it was growing through through the fence and planting itself into the garden. Not fun to pull out.:) I want to kill the weeds and grass around the fence and then plant some sun flower seeds there. I am also having a huge problem with ants. So I am trying some sugar and borax to see if that gets rid of them. I hope so. I hate using chemicals. So I have been trying to research for some natural ways of getting rid of bugs. So that's it for the garden.:)

The greatest news is Dh will be home in about 3 weeks for his next R &R. Yahoo. I have been busy trying to clean the carpets and get things cleaned up for him.:) I love him and miss him tons.:( Well I am off for a night off.:)

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Anonymous said...

You are a head of me. My tomatoes ..some are getting some tomatoes, others I think I will need ot plant new bushes :)

tender hugs!