Thursday, December 31, 2009

Pictures from Yesterday

All nice and clean now including the top shelf.:) Yeah!:)
After I cleaned out this closet, I made it into my sewing/card making closet. I still want to get something for my thread. It feels good to get this accomplished. Now to stay on top of it we shall see how that goes.:)
Today I am suppose to be going out to help with a project. If that doesn't happen then I will work on my morning and evening routines.
I hope to make the last day of 2009 a great one.:) We aren't going anywhere for new years eve ( strange we always used to do something) so I am going to the store and getting tons of snacks and junk food for the kids and I too pig out on. Not sure what will do while we eat but I'll figure something out.:)
Have a great day ya'll.:)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's Goals

This is embarrassing.:) This is Mike's and I closet. Now I can clear off the top shelf of the closet and figure out where to put up there. And move the totes downstairs to the basement. I have to be a little creative cause I need to get more hangers. I actually have to think today. Don't know how didn't get to sleep until 3 this morning. Maybe more coffee.:)

More of the closet in our room. UGH!!
This is outside of our bedroom. The hallway closet. I plan to put my sewing supplies and scrap booking stuff in here until I get containers to put the little stuff in. The goal is to accomplish this today. You never know what life can throw ya though.:) Off to a bright and sunny day.:) Hope ya'lls day is an awesome one!!:)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Bills all filed away.:) Now when I get the mail I can just put it away.

Reading/game area. I am going to get a standing lamp to put behind the chair.

Nice clean desk.:)
Book shelf. This is as organized as it will get until we get more book shelves. Because of the way this house is I have to get smaller book shelves.
Tomorrow or Thursday the goal is to organize our bedroom and closet. Including organizing the hallway closet. It is so easy to keep up when things are clean and organized. I know I said that its easy to keep up when organized. My problem is staying organized. So when I fail I will just get right back up and try again. I think I am missing the organizing gene.:) Mike is great at it. He knows how frustrated and overwhelmed I get at just the thought of trying to organize.
Well I do hope that ya'll have a great night.:) Off to find a recipe for supper. Then maybe for a treat to myself read or watch something.:) And of course play uno with Nathan. He loves that game.

Starting on the organizing goal:)

This is a picture of our office. I was throwing all our mail into the filing cabinet. Didn't have time to deal with it. So while on vacation I am working on it.:) I took everything out of the filing cabinet and threw it on the floor. Fun. I do have piles going. Can't tell from the picture but I do.:)
My desk area. I am going to work hard on being more organized!!:) Have fun ya'll.:)

What is your outlook for the New Year?

Every year we all try to make goals for the new year. The Year 2010 is fast approaching. What will the new year be like for us? Most of us may endure hardship and some blessings. I guess my goal this year would be to change my outlook on life. We can complain about how life treats us or we can just move on with a positive attitude. Which will it be for you? Things may not go as we expect it to but should that stop us from being thankful to God for allowing us one more year here on earth? There are so many blessings.

Many years I have made goals and failed at keeping them. My goal this year is too get back up when I fail and try again. My goals for this year are:

1. Get organized and stay organized.
2. Keep up with my Morning and Evening routines
3. Learn how to garden in Maine (so much different then TX was.)
4. Possibly go for my CNA licenses.
5. Work on Learning new things in Sewing

More then just keeping goals is to remember to rely on God for help with these. Yeah I could do them on my own but whats the sense. God wants us to rely on him even in the simple issues of life. He just doesn't care with the major issues in our lives but the simple things to.

I will leave you with one of my favorite verses in Proverbs.

"Commit thy works unto the Lord, and thy thoughts shall be established."
Proverbs 16:3