Monday, April 27, 2009

Lots of rain LOL

We have been getting lots of rain. My garden is enjoying it. Everything is so green. I still have to figure out what is eating my plants. If anyone has any ideas how to naturally get rid of the pest please share.:) I am sharing some pictures of my garden. Nathan my six year old thought he could start picking. He decided to pick my first tomato, the only problem with that is it wasn't ready:(. I wasn't too happy. But now he understands that you can't pick until ready. I will let him pick the first thing that is ready.:) Well here are the pictures.:)

This is my tomato plant.

This is my black berry bush. It started out with only a
few leaves that I didn't think it would live.
Here are some of my herbs. Cilantro, English sage, English Thyme and my Cherry tomato plant.

This a mixture of corn, green beans, and cucumbers.
I read that if you plant the corn stalks then the cucumbers
and the green beans can climb up them and hold them up.
This is my first year so I am experimenting.:)

This is zuchini, squash, green peppers and Jalenpo pepper.
I have little bugs on the back of my leaves of my pepper plants.
So this is just a part of my garden. I didn't take pictures of my fruit trees or my fruit plants that I have.:) I don't know how to make separate pages for different things.
Have a great week all.:)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Garden life:)

Hey.:) I hope those who read here are having a great month so far.:) I have been working hard on my garden.:) Well just weeding and watering. I am so excited cause I have tomatoes growing. I have some on my cherry tomato plants and some on my hot house plant. I have flowers on my Squash and zuchini plant. I also have some blooms on my bell pepper plant and cucumber plants. I had planted some tomato seedlings inside and transplanted them . I thought they were all going to die. Well I have some growing. My corn is also growing (this is an experiment). I am hoping to have alot to share and can. I will post some udated pictures later. Well i have to go and get ready for our piano lessons.:) Have fun ya'll.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been busy

Hey ya'll. I have been busy that is why I haven't posted much. I have been working in my garden, school with the kiddo's and doing my own schooling. I love being outside working in my garden. When things get chaotic inside going outside seems to calm things down. My tomato plants already have flowers.:) My plum tree has one little ole plum on it.:( We just put the trees in while dh was home on his R&R. I try to make a point to go outside in the morning to water. I know this may sound strange but I also take this time to pray over my garden to be abundant. I don't know how bad this year will be with the economy but I want to be able to help others. God wants us to do this. I am also learning to can and have already put up 7 jars of applebutter and 7 jars of peach perserves. They were easy to do. I had a friend teach me. I also made strawberry freezer jam and everyone loves it. No more store bought jam. I also want to try to make grape jelly using grape juice. Dh is going to buy me a pressure canner so I can also can my homemade spaghetti sauce and soups and so forth. I am excited. I want to do what I can do to do my part to help those in need and also keep my family prepared.:) Well thats about it.:) I have to work more on blogging. I just have to learn how to fit it into my schedule.:0) I hope ya'll have a great week.:)