Sunday, April 5, 2009

Been busy

Hey ya'll. I have been busy that is why I haven't posted much. I have been working in my garden, school with the kiddo's and doing my own schooling. I love being outside working in my garden. When things get chaotic inside going outside seems to calm things down. My tomato plants already have flowers.:) My plum tree has one little ole plum on it.:( We just put the trees in while dh was home on his R&R. I try to make a point to go outside in the morning to water. I know this may sound strange but I also take this time to pray over my garden to be abundant. I don't know how bad this year will be with the economy but I want to be able to help others. God wants us to do this. I am also learning to can and have already put up 7 jars of applebutter and 7 jars of peach perserves. They were easy to do. I had a friend teach me. I also made strawberry freezer jam and everyone loves it. No more store bought jam. I also want to try to make grape jelly using grape juice. Dh is going to buy me a pressure canner so I can also can my homemade spaghetti sauce and soups and so forth. I am excited. I want to do what I can do to do my part to help those in need and also keep my family prepared.:) Well thats about it.:) I have to work more on blogging. I just have to learn how to fit it into my schedule.:0) I hope ya'll have a great week.:)

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