Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Years Resolution ( 2010 and for 2011)

As I ponder what my life was like in 2010 I think about how I could have done things differently.  I have wasted so much of my life already that even this past year I see times that was wasted.  I can't seem to get out of my rut.  My problem I read too many blogs where ladies seem to have everything just right and their lives are in control. I compare my life to theirs and get depressed.:(   That is probably why God says not to compare yourself amongst yourselves. (paraphrase)  Everyone has their talents and areas they are strong in. 

This list was my resolution plans for the year of 2010:

1. Get organized and stay organized. - This one I have tried and still working on. :)
2. Keep up with my Morning and Evening routines- I am getting better at keeping the routines but as the first goal I am still working on it.
3. Learn how to garden in Maine (so much different then TX was.)- Did not get a chance to do a garden this year.  We moved and Mike will be helping me this year to work on getting my plots  ready.
4. Possibly go for my CNA licenses.- This one will not happen.  Decided that I do not want to be a CNA
5. Work on Learning new sewing techniques- I think I will always be working on this one.:)

Now for the goals of 2011:  I can't really say.  I haven't thought about it much because I can't seem to keep up with my goals but here are a few:
1.Accomplish more sewing techniques ( this time work on zippers and buttons). I can do better in this area and this will be the goal.  Pick one project a month (maybe more I do not want to over load myself and give up on it)
2. Learn more cooking techniques. - This one I want to learn some new bread recipes and learn to make and decorate some cakes. ( Hope to accomplish this- may not happen but I will be trying)
3.  Build some furniture ( this will take Mike showing me how to use his power tools. LOL) - this will be a new one for us but something I think we can do.  
4.  Learn to take care of chickens and have our own eggs.  ( Springtime)
5.  Learn to can what we grow this year.

I will not stress over this list but will do the best that I can to accomplish my goals from the past year and the New Year. Have fun ya'll and happy New Year.:)

Sharon :)