Wednesday, September 30, 2009

House pictures

We went from about 2800 square foot house to about 1600 square foot ( I think LOL, have to check with Mike on that one). I love it. So easy to keep up on. We went from 3 and an 1/2 bathrooms to one bathroom. Makes life interesting LOL. We have four bedrooms that are a lot smaller then our other house. It feels so cozy though. So peaceful here. The nearest Wal-Mart is about 30 minutes away. The nearest grocery store is about 15 to 20 minutes away. We are in the midst of woods. We do have a little supermarket in walking distance which is nice.:) But expensive.

I love this house. We do rent but it is so homey and cozy.

The truck in Maine. This was on Friday Sept. 11.

This is the supermarket that we walk to. It is great.:) Can be expensive.

So this is the Journey that we have been on. We are not done though. Our life will be a continuous journey. No matter how we look at it. We can either look at the journey at a negative prospective or look at it from a positive prospective. How ever you do is up to you.:) For me I look at as an adventure.:)

And please do not mind my English or wrong use of grammar and punctuation. LOL English was never my strong point in School.:)

Have fun ya'll.:)


This is our truck. It showed up on Monday afternoon of Aug.31.

Here trying to figure out how we are going to pack it up.

This is the garage full with our stuff.:)

Life is a Journey

I have been having the journey of my life. I named my blog Life is a Journey because you never know what may come up. Our family decided to move back to Maine. This was back in July. We were going to wait until dh got home but dh decided he wanted to spend his next R&R in Maine. Part of the reason he didn't really want me to do this myself was because of driving cross country with the four children. My wonderful friend that I have took time off to drive with me.:) So more and more God just kept opening up more doors. I kept telling dh that it was time to step out in Faith and watch God direct our path. We all worked together to pack up the house. The kids and I worked hard. So did my mother-in-law. I decided to ask our homeschool group in Texas if anyone could help pack up our truck and help us paint and get the house fixed up to put on the market. I had two families step up and helped. What a huge blessing and one of those families had people come from the church help us to. I could go on and on about this family. They were a huge blessing!!!

August 31 we had our truck dropped off. We packed the truck in two days. We were told by Mayflower that we would have to pay like 12,000 for them to move us and that we would have about 18000 pounds. Well, it ended up just being about 8300 pounds (this is about an average, can't remember the exact pounds). I got to take two days off.:) Then we left on Thursday Sept. 3. We had no issues. The Lord watched over us as we drove. Mike had already set up our hotels so all we had to do was stop and sign in.:) Everything just fell together. While we were on the road dh decided to call the house that was for rent that we had been looking at for about two months. The landlord held the house for us. Mike's parents went to look at it and said I would love it. You have to understand that this is all taking place while I am on the road. We get in on Sunday. My friend and I took a ride to see our little house. Then my father-in-law and I took my friend to the airport on Monday. I went to see the house on Monday afternoon. Loved it.:) Signed the lease on Tuesday. So the kids and I decided to rough it and sleep on the floor. LOL We had fun.

Our truck wasn't suppose to be in until Monday or Tuesday because of the memorial day holiday. Mike got a call that our truck would be in on Thursday. Yeahooo. How fun. The truck showed up on Thursday. My father-in-law and two of Mike's cousins came and helped unload. It took half of Friday to get it all unpacked. And the company came out and got it Friday evening. I had the boxes mostly all unpacked in about a week.

We have seen God work in so many ways. What a blessing. Now we are entering a new stage of our life. We are talking about putting the kids in the christian school here. I have a job interview October 13. I am so excited. This is something new for all of us. I have been home with the kiddo's since babies. This is going to be a change for all of us. Please pray with our family as we take the next stage in our life.

Mike also has a new stage in life to. He will be hopefully coming home in Nov for 3 weeks. Then be back overseas until April. He wants to go straight from there to officer school in May. He wants to go back into the National Guard. And this time go as an officer.

There are many times in our life that we say we feel the Lord wants us to do something but we just keep praying about it. This is what our life was about. But something we learned is nothing won't happen until you decide to step out in faith. The Lord is capable to stop us but we have to be willing to just do it. There are so many stories in the Old Testament of people stepping out in faith.