Sunday, May 30, 2010

New House

We have been quite busy the past couple of days.  We closed on the house Tuesday May 25 at 2:30 in the afternoon.  It was a lot of paper work.  Mike was not here to sign so I had to sign three times at every place that needed a signature. I got out about 3:45.  We started work on the house as soon as I got home and got changed. 

The first thing we did was ripped out the carpet.  It was disgusting.  The smell in the basement just was so overwhelming.  On Wednesday I had a sweet gentleman come out and helped me with getting the rest of the floors scrubbed and he painted the floors where the carpets were with kilz.   He helped through out the day.  Thursday I had to run around to get stuff at Lowes and Wal-Mart.  The new floors were being put in at this point to. On Friday classes from the school that my children go to came out and helped with cleaning up the place and getting the yard cleaned up.  This was a huge blessing.  there was so much trash.  I am going to go take pictures just to show how much this place was trashed.  Josiah's teacher pressure washed the basement.  It helped but we are still trying to figure out how to get the smell out.  They kept some type of farm animal in the basement.  There were horse mats and some hay stuff in the basement.  Yesterday I bought tons of baking soda . Felicity and I just doused the basement and the basement stairs with it.  By the time I left yesterday ( was painting the girls room) the smell seemed tons better.  I am going to get some more today and go do the same thing today. 

I chose this place because I saw the potential.  I love the house.  And we  have 8 1/2 acres.  We have always wanted to do homesteading.  The place needs some work put into it.  But its ours and we can do what we want with it.  I love this place. Its so peaceful.  I have ideas in my head for a garden surrounded by white picket fence with a gate.  I have always wanted a white picket fence.  Then for the door coming out of the basement I want to do a patio.  I have huge dreams.:)  But I think they can be accomplished. 

I will post pictures of the progress.  Mike will be home on Tuesday for two weeks.  It will be a full two weeks for sure.  Hope everyone has a great weekend.:) 

Happy Memorial Day.  Thank you to the service men who served our country and sacrificed their lives so we can be free.  Thanks and God bless you and your families.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Dedication of a great teacher

I recently found out that a teacher I had in high school passed away.  He always expected the best out of his students.  His classes were hard but he made it so that it was enjoyable.  Its funny cause back then you would not think that.  But now that I am way older LOL I see how much it was interesting.  He wasn't one of those boring teachers.  It was very important to him that we knew what was going on in the world and our government.  Yep, I had him for government class.  He said that it was our duty to know.  I now have children of my own and find myself making them watch important events going on in our world and government.  He always had a smile on his face and encouraging word.  Thank you Mr. Harris for being that godly example.  Sorry that I never said that to you.  You were a real blessing.  Thanks again.  My prayers go out to the Harris family. 
In Christ,
Sharon Sensaboy LeClair

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Set Backs

How is my attitude when it comes to news I do not like to hear?  Yesterday my dh called and said that we would not be closing on the house Friday.  First reaction was to be upset and say this always happens.  But I had to stop and think about having a good attitude even if it means rearranging my schedule once again.   Sometimes God allows things to happen to see how we will react to them.  Yes I did fail yesterday with my attitude but you know what.. today is a new and bright day.  I can be understanding to the underwriters.  Its not their fault that they have tons of work.   That just means they have work and still has a job.  How wonderful is that?  I was being selfish on my part and not thinking of the underwriters. I have to stop and thank God that we are still able to close.  Just a few days later.  And just work with what is given to me.  So what if I can't do things the way I want to.:)  Thank you Lord that you allowed us to have a house in the first place.  :)

Have a great day ya'll.:)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Homekeeper's journal

In My Kitchen …… Will make Spaghetti with Zesty Bolognese (from Kraft kitchen site)

On My Mind ….. To have a good attitude about not closing on our house on Friday.  Think Positive.

One Big Goal For This Week ….Finish packing and possible do some sewing on a baby blanket
Something I Would Like To Do …. Get moved and get settled in our new house.:)

It Means A Lot To Me …… when others are so encouraging and help me to focus on the positive not negative.

I am looking forward to …… My honey coming home for two weeks.:)  So excited and he is coming home to a new house that he hasn't even seen yet.

On the Back Burner of my mind …… family and how I long for us to be close. It seems the older one gets the more one wants to be closer to their loved ones. 

Have an awesome night ya'll.:)


I am so impatient.:)  The house closing is to take place on Friday. (Hopefully).  I want it done now.:)  I want to be able to take my boxes that I haven't unpacked yet ( cause I knew we would be moving again.) and unpack them and have a house that is normal.  Did I say normal?  Well at least as close to normal as possible.  I have never said that I was a normal person.  So if I am not normal then certainly my house isn't normal. LOL Goal is to move boxes over on Saturday when I go over to start cleaning and painting.  I am so excited over the possibilities that we have before us.:) 

I have so many ideas going through my head for decorations and setting the new house up.  This is probably why I am so impatient to get started on my ideas.:) 

Mike will be home on June 1.  Hopefully the house will be mostly done except for moving over the big stuff which he gets to help with.:) Everything else I will be moving over in my van.  Glad I didn't unpack everything.:) Off to watch a movie. I got one of my goals done today.:)  Being lazy.:)

Have a great week ya'll.:)