Thursday, May 20, 2010

Set Backs

How is my attitude when it comes to news I do not like to hear?  Yesterday my dh called and said that we would not be closing on the house Friday.  First reaction was to be upset and say this always happens.  But I had to stop and think about having a good attitude even if it means rearranging my schedule once again.   Sometimes God allows things to happen to see how we will react to them.  Yes I did fail yesterday with my attitude but you know what.. today is a new and bright day.  I can be understanding to the underwriters.  Its not their fault that they have tons of work.   That just means they have work and still has a job.  How wonderful is that?  I was being selfish on my part and not thinking of the underwriters. I have to stop and thank God that we are still able to close.  Just a few days later.  And just work with what is given to me.  So what if I can't do things the way I want to.:)  Thank you Lord that you allowed us to have a house in the first place.  :)

Have a great day ya'll.:)

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