Sunday, May 23, 2010

In Dedication of a great teacher

I recently found out that a teacher I had in high school passed away.  He always expected the best out of his students.  His classes were hard but he made it so that it was enjoyable.  Its funny cause back then you would not think that.  But now that I am way older LOL I see how much it was interesting.  He wasn't one of those boring teachers.  It was very important to him that we knew what was going on in the world and our government.  Yep, I had him for government class.  He said that it was our duty to know.  I now have children of my own and find myself making them watch important events going on in our world and government.  He always had a smile on his face and encouraging word.  Thank you Mr. Harris for being that godly example.  Sorry that I never said that to you.  You were a real blessing.  Thanks again.  My prayers go out to the Harris family. 
In Christ,
Sharon Sensaboy LeClair

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