Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am so impatient.:)  The house closing is to take place on Friday. (Hopefully).  I want it done now.:)  I want to be able to take my boxes that I haven't unpacked yet ( cause I knew we would be moving again.) and unpack them and have a house that is normal.  Did I say normal?  Well at least as close to normal as possible.  I have never said that I was a normal person.  So if I am not normal then certainly my house isn't normal. LOL Goal is to move boxes over on Saturday when I go over to start cleaning and painting.  I am so excited over the possibilities that we have before us.:) 

I have so many ideas going through my head for decorations and setting the new house up.  This is probably why I am so impatient to get started on my ideas.:) 

Mike will be home on June 1.  Hopefully the house will be mostly done except for moving over the big stuff which he gets to help with.:) Everything else I will be moving over in my van.  Glad I didn't unpack everything.:) Off to watch a movie. I got one of my goals done today.:)  Being lazy.:)

Have a great week ya'll.:)


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