Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy Day:)

So happy that instead of snow we are getting rain. The dampness makes it cold though. Just think rain brings the spring flowers. How exciting. Soon in a few months we will be seeing sunshine, flowers, blooming trees and hearing the chirping of the birds.:) We are so blessed to be able to hear and see these amazing things happen. We take so much for granted.:) We serve such an awesome God!!:)

Tonight I tried a new recipe from Food network. It needed more flavor. I used vermicelli, bacon and peas. Next time though I will use the smaller peas. It wasn't the greatest. I will make it again and do some changes. It wasn't bad. The recipe got a five star on their web site. So I will have to give it another try to see why they gave it a five star.:) And this time add the lemon. I am not that crazy about lemon. For dessert we are having yummy Thin mint cookies from the girl scouts. :)

I haven't kept up with my schedule like I should have. I am going to get back up and try again. Tonight before the kiddo's had supper I had them clean their room and then checked them. Now they are doing their chores and then maybe some peace and quiet.:) They want to listen to adventure in odyssey. So we probably will.

Hope ya'll have a great night.:)


Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Recipe

I decided that since I love to cook I would start making food network recipes.The first one that we tried was Rachel Ray Chili dog Hamburgers. We liked it.& Can't say that it was a favorite but it was good. The recipe can be found on page 155 of 365: No Repeats. Not sure what the next one will be. Tonight will be leftovers.

I cleaned the van the best I could. Mike and I will probably do the van together when he gets home for R&R. Its so nice to actually have spring on its way.:) It is alot warmer then it normally is. Looking forward to do some gardening it won't be much cause we will be moving again. Hope this next move will be the last one.:) I notice that my life has been all about moving and having new things in my life. Could say that its an adventure.:)

The boys will be having Battalion tonight and the girls and I will come home to nice quiet house for a few hours.:) Tomorrow I will be going with the girls class to their class ministry which is at a nursing home. Hoping I can get some studying in so I can finish up my humanities course. Have fun.:)


Sunday, March 7, 2010

New goal:)

I haven't been posting much lately. Nothing has really been happening that would be interesting to post. Why do I blog? I look at it as an online journal.

My life has been busy and I have also been keeping too myself lately. Not sure why. Been dealing with some emotional issues. I guess I deal with the fact that I look around me and I just see how much I have wasted my life. I see college friends and how they are serving God. And it depresses me that I haven't done much. Have I really served God? I have tried. I am not as spiritual as some. I guess I don't really want to be spiritual. I want to be real. Sometimes we forget about being real and not just being spiritual. Jesus when He was on earth wasn't just acting but was real. How many times have I just pretended to care. I did it cause I knew that others expected it. Well, I am so done with that. I care because I chose to. I chose to love those and be real with those around me. I am realizing that Life isn't all about college degrees and what I have accomplished. I have been so caught up in the fact that I need a college degree to be worth something or accomplish something for God. Well that may not happen. I should be focusing on the here and now. My husband and children should be the focus. Along with God of course.:) God has done so much for us. Instead of being depressed which I have been I need to take on a gratitude attitude.:)

I am so thankful for the fact God isn't done with me yet. He is still working on me. I am a work in progress.

Sorry about all the I's LOL. Sounds so selfish. LOL

Goals for this week:
Get all the laundry done
Try a few recipes from Rachel Ray

I hope everyone has a great week.:)


PS Excuse all the errors. I am not a writer. English was one of my worst subjects in school. :)