Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Recipe

I decided that since I love to cook I would start making food network recipes.The first one that we tried was Rachel Ray Chili dog Hamburgers. We liked it.& Can't say that it was a favorite but it was good. The recipe can be found on page 155 of 365: No Repeats. Not sure what the next one will be. Tonight will be leftovers.

I cleaned the van the best I could. Mike and I will probably do the van together when he gets home for R&R. Its so nice to actually have spring on its way.:) It is alot warmer then it normally is. Looking forward to do some gardening it won't be much cause we will be moving again. Hope this next move will be the last one.:) I notice that my life has been all about moving and having new things in my life. Could say that its an adventure.:)

The boys will be having Battalion tonight and the girls and I will come home to nice quiet house for a few hours.:) Tomorrow I will be going with the girls class to their class ministry which is at a nursing home. Hoping I can get some studying in so I can finish up my humanities course. Have fun.:)


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