Monday, March 15, 2010

Rainy Day:)

So happy that instead of snow we are getting rain. The dampness makes it cold though. Just think rain brings the spring flowers. How exciting. Soon in a few months we will be seeing sunshine, flowers, blooming trees and hearing the chirping of the birds.:) We are so blessed to be able to hear and see these amazing things happen. We take so much for granted.:) We serve such an awesome God!!:)

Tonight I tried a new recipe from Food network. It needed more flavor. I used vermicelli, bacon and peas. Next time though I will use the smaller peas. It wasn't the greatest. I will make it again and do some changes. It wasn't bad. The recipe got a five star on their web site. So I will have to give it another try to see why they gave it a five star.:) And this time add the lemon. I am not that crazy about lemon. For dessert we are having yummy Thin mint cookies from the girl scouts. :)

I haven't kept up with my schedule like I should have. I am going to get back up and try again. Tonight before the kiddo's had supper I had them clean their room and then checked them. Now they are doing their chores and then maybe some peace and quiet.:) They want to listen to adventure in odyssey. So we probably will.

Hope ya'll have a great night.:)



Anonymous said...

I like the new look of your blog!

sjs said...

Thanks.:) Hope you have been have a great week.:)