Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 More days left

Yep seven more days until Mike is home for two weeks.  I am so excited about it.  We are hoping that it will be a time of relaxing and fun.  We have a trip planned to New York for the weekend and then over to PA for three days to visit Wolf Lodge.  Wolf Lodge is an indoor water park.  We took the kiddos to one in Dallas when we lived in TX.  It was a blast.  So we are super excited.  We get to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary while he is home to.:)  Yeah!!! He has been gone for our 10th ( was gone to Iraq while in the military), and then gone on our 15th ( again to Iraq working with KBR).  We have had a wonderful marriage.  We have had our ups and downs but hands down I have the best man ever. Yep I am bias.  I love my man and always will.  He has been an awesome husband.  Always there when I am struggling with many issues.:) He is a wonderful daddy.  I couldn't have asked for a better man.:)  I thank the Lord that he has blessed me with an awesome man!!:)

The kiddos started school on the 30th.  Some are having a hard time adjusting because of the age/grade transition. I am sure it will get better once they get settled into a routine.  I am working on getting back into a routine here at home.  Back to the normal 5:30 wake up time.  Through the summer I was quite lazy and slept in. :)

I can't believe how fast summer went.  We had maybe our last cookout on Monday.  The weather was great.  I hope I can fit in one more cookout while Mike is home.  We didn't get pictures.  Oh well.:)  The deck  is almost done. :)  Hopefully tomorrow it will be finished.  It is awesome.  Well enough catch up.  Off to bed  soon. Have a great week.:)
Sharon :)