Monday, January 4, 2010


This is from my little calendar that Mike gave to me about 15 years ago when we first started dating. It was a birthday gift. I love this calendar.

" As I ask for your forgiveness and embrace it, give me the courage to extend a forgiving hand to those who have hurt me. Amen."

"Flattery is the art of telling another person exactly what he things of himself."

Off to bed. Goodnight ya'll.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blah Moments

Have you ever had a day where you just feel blah. The past few days have felt that way for me. I could just crawl into my nice smelling sheets and blankets and sleep.:) I haven't been sleeping well. With the vacation it threw me way off. Tomorrow back to the grind.:) When 5:30 comes around I will probably want to go back to sleep.:) Who wouldn't LOL. The kids are excited about going back to school. Tomorrow they have an away game. I can't go cause I have to get the van fixed so I can get it inspected and registered.

Here is a saying from a little calender I keep on my desk.

"People are certainly peculiar-they want the front of the bus,
the back of the church and the middle of the road."

Well ya'll have a great night.


Friday, January 1, 2010

My Routine schedule

This is my new schedule that I will be starting on Monday. My goal is to stay on top of it but I will have my days that I won't do as well as I would like. When I have those days then I just need to get back up and keep going. I haven't started my work schedule yet but will soon. My job orientation is on Tuesday morning. Hopefully I will start right away. I have always found that when I follow a schedule my day goes much smoother. I have to be more diligent at it cause naturally I am a lazy person and like to find reasons why I don't accomplish a task.

Here is my routines.:)

Kids Morning Routines
6:30-6:40 Get Up and make bed
6:40-7:00 Eat Breakfast
7:00-7:15 Girls take showers
7:00-7:15 Get Dressed

Kids Evening Routines
4:00-5:00 Do Homework
5:00-5:30 Eat Supper
5:30-7:00 Chores
7:00-7:30 Make sure clothes are out, have back packs, hats, gloves jackets and shoes at the front door for the next day. Boys take showers. Tia practice violin.
8:00-Nathan bedtime
8:30 -Tia Bedtime
9:30 -Sissy Bedtime
10:00- Josiah bedtime

Make bed
Make sure closet is clean.
Make sure dirty laundry is brought to basement on Monday
Drawers straightened up and clean clothes put away.

Dishes nightly
Garbage nightly (take garbage to street on Thursday night)

Make beds
Make sure Closet is clean
Drawers straightened up and clean clothes put away.
Make sure dirty laundry is brought to the basement on Tuesdays.
Sissy: Sweep and do spots on floors nightly.
Tia: Put dishes away nightly.

My Routines:
Morning Routines:
5:30-5:45- Get Up and make bed
5:45-6:00 -Read Bible and Pray
6:00-6:30-Shower and get dressed
6:30-6:40- Get kids up
6:40-7:00- Breakfast with the kids
7:00-7:15- Get laundry in and started
7:15-7:30-Do girls hair and help get things done.

Evening Routines:2:30-4:00- Chat with Mike
4:00-5:00- Work on supper and help kids with homework
5:00-5:30- Supper
5:30-7:00- Help kids with chores and work on Laundry
7:00-7:30-Help with kid’s clothes and getting things ready for the next day
7:30-9:00-Work on online school courses.

Work Schedule for Me:
Mondays- 3:00-6:00

Tuesdays- 9:00-1:00


Fridays- 3-6:00

On these days my evening routines will be behind. Supper will be crockpot meals the evenings that I have to work. That way the kids will be able to feed themselves and be able to start on their chores by the time I get home.

Monday evenings-violin lesson for Tia.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are basketball practice/ game days.