Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blah Moments

Have you ever had a day where you just feel blah. The past few days have felt that way for me. I could just crawl into my nice smelling sheets and blankets and sleep.:) I haven't been sleeping well. With the vacation it threw me way off. Tomorrow back to the grind.:) When 5:30 comes around I will probably want to go back to sleep.:) Who wouldn't LOL. The kids are excited about going back to school. Tomorrow they have an away game. I can't go cause I have to get the van fixed so I can get it inspected and registered.

Here is a saying from a little calender I keep on my desk.

"People are certainly peculiar-they want the front of the bus,
the back of the church and the middle of the road."

Well ya'll have a great night.



Anonymous said...

Hope you start sleeping better! It's amazing how much being sleepy affects your entire day. Have a happy Monday!

sjs said...

Thank you, Tricia.:) I hope you have a great Monday to.:)