Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today's Goals

This is embarrassing.:) This is Mike's and I closet. Now I can clear off the top shelf of the closet and figure out where to put up there. And move the totes downstairs to the basement. I have to be a little creative cause I need to get more hangers. I actually have to think today. Don't know how didn't get to sleep until 3 this morning. Maybe more coffee.:)

More of the closet in our room. UGH!!
This is outside of our bedroom. The hallway closet. I plan to put my sewing supplies and scrap booking stuff in here until I get containers to put the little stuff in. The goal is to accomplish this today. You never know what life can throw ya though.:) Off to a bright and sunny day.:) Hope ya'lls day is an awesome one!!:)

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