Friday, January 9, 2009

Long day

Wow. Today was long. I am so looking forward to the weekend.:) Sleep in. Yahoo!! My goals tomorrow are to work on cleaning the house ( shouldn't have much since I have been trying to stay on top of cleaning it.), get the shepherds pie going for lunch on Sunday, and work on my college course. I have a lot of reading, studying and lectures to watch.:) Looks like I am going to get an in depth study of the Old Testament. Which I think will be good for me.:) Lots of reading. I think I have it figured out, work on some of my Bible reading ( that I have to do for my course) in the morning with my devotions, then do the regular book reading in the afternoons and watch my lectures during this time to. Most of the time the kids are done with their school work before lunch time but for the past two days I have had one child that hasn't gotten done until late in the afternoon. So I could actually have nighttime as a break and relaxation time. Long days yes, but the busier I am the better off I am. I won't be wasting time.:) In the mornings my goals are to have laundry going and done by the afternoon and to have what I want to clean done. I feel much better about my life.:) Even though at times I feel overwhelmed.

Well I guess I said enough.:) I am so tired but it is a good tired. I am looking forward to chatting with dh to.:) I miss him.:( I can't wait for him to come home on R&R.:)

Have a great night ya'll.:)


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