Friday, January 16, 2009


I have been reading alot lately on how keeping a schedule helps. Well I do have to say this is true. I am finding that if I stick to a schedule such as in cleaning and the school schedule my life doesn't seem that overwhelming. But once I get off the schedule I get down with how the house looks and I start getting depressed. Schedules help alot in maintaining life.

Spiritually I am finding that if I stick to reading my Bible and praying it helps with the day. I try to do this as soon as I get up. I have just recently start back up with bible reading and praying. Sometimes I get in a slump where I just feel spiritually dry. My class is helping to. I am learning alot in my Old Testament Survey Class. I am learning somethings that I have never thought about before or even heard before.

I have learned though you can't let schedules rule your life.:) I have to learn to be flexible.
Lately I haven't had alot of thoughts.:) I have been tired and so decided that tonight I am being lazy. Bad me:).

Watch some Leave it to Beaver and talk to dh when he gets on.:) So off to some quiet time.:) Well if the kids allow it!! LOL

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