Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving week

I haven't kept up much on the thanksgiving post. But I am thankful. God has done so much for us. I am learning not to complain but look at what God has done. He has blessed us even when we do not deserve it. I am learning that instead of complaining look at what I can be thankful for.

Our menu for thanksgiving is:

THURSDAY Nov 27, 2008:
Turkey/ Ham
Mashed Potatoes ( make ahead and put in crockpot)
Green bean casserole and one other veggie

Black olives
green olives
2 kinds of pickles
cranberry sauce

2 Pumpkin Rolls
2 Pumpkin Pies
1 Pecan Pie

I plan on peeling and cutting the potatoes today. I will make the potatoes tomorrow with the stuffing. The potatoes will go in the crockpot on Thursday morning. I will make the green bean casserole tomorrow to so I can just stick it in the oven. Tomorrow I will also make the pumpkin rolls. I am trying to do as much ahead as possible. Mike usually helps me.:( We always work together on the holidays for cooking. So I will miss him. I miss him alot. He has been extremely busy cause people are coming home on R&R. Not many people left in the office over there.

Well I do hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving. It is Felicity's birthday on Thursday to. I am so thankful for this little girl. She is so full of life and personality. I can't believe she nine years old. Wow.

Well off to sew an apron for Thursday.

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