Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update on last post.:)

I want to thank those who encouraged me when they read my last post. I am fine.:)  I was having a self pity party.:)

My Aunt came last weekend to visit.  We had an enjoyable time.  We went miniature golfing and really enjoyed ourselves.  I have dangerous children. LOL Nathan started out and he swung back and accidentally hit his sister in the arm.  Everyone survived.  Then we enjoyed some yummy ice cream.  So Life has been busy and trying to survive. LOL

                                   Thats the kiddos and my wonderful Aunt.:) Love ya Aunt Meg.:)

A couple of weeks the kids and I saw a wild turkey with its babies.  I tried to find my camera.  By the time I found it the turkey had already disappeared.  So I got the bright idea to go looking for it.:)  I found it.:)  I stayed at the edge of the woods and there it was trying to hide its babies.  So I just stood there, it came towards me... So I got some really cool pictures.  Never got any pictures of the babies though.

I love being out in the country.  We have also seen I believe a woodchuck but I can't get a picture of it.  The goal is to take pictures of all the wildlife that we see.  We have had so far two birds nest on our porch.  That was pretty cool. They did not get scared off so I was surprised at that.  With how loud we can be going in our house.  We have this thing with letting the door slam. LOL

We have been busy here.  We have blackberry bushes all over the place.  I had to step into the bushes as far as I could to get all the blackberry bushes that I could.  Laurisah helped out and we had fun.  Then afterward we went and made blackberry cupcakes with Felicity.  They were so delicious.  And yummy.  Saturday I made 6 16 oz of blackberry jam.  Haven't tried it yet but it will be on the breakfast menu soon.  We will have more berries soon.  Just have to wait for them to ripen.  There are also red raspberries but Laurisah and I ate them.  We had maybe four berries total. They were so yummy.;)  I think that woodchuck devoured them. 

Starting to get ready for school.  The kiddos go back Aug 30.  Have to go shopping and start sewing.  Already started on skirt for Felicity.  Going to try out some new things with sewing.  I even got a uniform pattern to try and see if I can't sew them some uniform skirts and jumpers.  Should be interesting.:)  Well I guess I should call it a night.:)  I hope everyone has the most wonderful week.:)  Again sorry for the last blog post.  


Peggie said...

Love your nature pictures. I miss the woods and trees and all the pretty natural things. Living here in this past of Texas I do not see much of the pretty green. Thank you!

sjs said...

You are welcome.:) I know how dry and brown Texas can get. Being in Maine is so much different then Texas. Hope you are having a great week.:)