Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Recipe

Tried a new recipe today.  Sticky Buns.  The Home EC class I teach is going over yeast breads.  I had to test drive a recipe to see if it will work.  This recipe is taken from the Five minute a day Artisan bread book.  I found the recipe online ( I do not have the book yet).   Because I only have classes Tuesday, Thursday and Friday I had  to come up with a recipe that could sit in the fridge and prepare in a couple of days.  This recipe met that criteria.  I made the dough today and it can last in the fridge for up to two weeks.  I made some sticky rolls today with the  dough but I did let it rise awhile before going in the fridge.  According to what  I read the dough will have more flavor after sitting in the fridge for awhile.  I do have to come up with other ways to use up the rest of the dough.  Maybe some Challah bread.  The picture above is the sticky buns out of the oven.  The picture below is the sticky buns after being inverted onto a plate.
The plan is to make the dough on Tuesday with the class.  Let it sit in the Refrigerator from Tuesday until Thursday.  ( Unless we miss school because of a supposed snow storm heading our way.)  Friday will be pizza day.:)  If the snow storm does happen then we will do this on Thursday and make the buns on Friday.  The Pizza will have to be the following week.  I love Home EC because I get to do new things that I did not feel like I could do.:)  Sad part was it took teaching a class to help. 

Sharon :)

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