Saturday, February 14, 2009

I won't be on for awhile:)( well Maybe):)

I have the most exciting news.:) I have been trying really hard to keep it a surprise for my kiddies.:) My dh is flying in tomorrow for two weeks. I am just so excited.:) I went and got my nails done yesterday for him.:) He has been wanting me to have them done. I got a sea shell design. I tried taking pictures but they turned out awful.:) So maybe another time.:) I have never had my nails done like this before and I could get spoiled.:) I love them. Even if it is hard to get used to them.:) Anyways He flys in tomorrow morning around 11:23. Everyone thinks he is flying in around the same time his dad is suppose to be coming and that isn't until the 22nd.:) I hope everyone loves my little surprise.:) I know I will. LOL The way I am getting out of the house to do this is to go to the store for something I forgot.:) Just trying to figure out what I forgot.LOL GUM:) I need sweet smelling breath.:) Or soda. Something.:) So you family at there that knows about this. BE QUIET.:) That is said in love.:)

Have a great night all.:)

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